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Mrs. Wiley's Classes

*** Students each of you are doing an AMAZING JOB on the Picture Timeline!!!!!! Please don't stress soooo much!!! Let this be a fun learning experience!!!!! *** Parents just to update you : Your child has a full explanation on paper of the requirements for this assignment. I have given BENCHMARKS for Homework grades and to prevent a student from procrastinating. Let me assure you that your child is progressing well!!! I am explaining the time periods in class and as time permits giving the opportunity for the student to work on the timeline!!!!!! ASSIGNMENT: May 4th- May 7th - Each of the following time periods should be come by Tuesday May 8th.. Make sure you bring the roll to be graded : University of Georgia was chartered - 1785 Georgia Signers of the U.S. Constitution - Abraham Baldwin and William Few -1788 Three Branches of United States Government Eli Whitney Invents the Cotton Gin - 1793 Gold Discovered in Dahlonega - 1829 Trail of Tears - 1838 Sequoyah writes the Cherokee Alphabet Slavery in Georgia 1800 - 1865 Students have also been given a statement from the GETTYSBURG ADDRESS to memorize. The Due Date is TUESDAY - MAY 7 th. Students may recite the quotation at any time before the due date! I love you all. Have a GREAT weekend,. Mrs. Sandra